If The Hue Fits
Environments for WIP game.
Role: Level Design | Environment Design | 3D Model

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Mice Life
Environment models for hybrid animation as part of an interactive installation.
Role: 3D Model | Texture/Colour | Lighting & Render
Listen to Darlinghurst
Environments for hybrid animation in collaboration with Impact Studios for 'Listen to Darlinghurst' podcast.
Role: Environment Texture | Lighting | 3D Model 
Tiki Bar
Environment model for a solo animation project.
Hyde and Seek
Environment model for 6 levels of a puzzle game with progressive difficulty.
Role: 3D model | Environment Design | Level Design (level 4 + Tutorial)
Borrowed Time
Environment models for a Game Jam hosted by Playmakers.
Role: Environment Design | 3D Environment and Asset Model
[Time Limit: 48 hours]

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